Creating good organizational conditions for education, research and collaboration

My main task is to create good organizational conditions for education, research and collaboration. Independent of which leading role I have, I try to do this. Examples of this are when, as Head of Division, I plan for all our courses to be taught by competent and committed personnel. In my role as Director of Graduate Studies it may mean that I examine the individual study plans of our graduate students and keep an eye on things running as planned. Another day I discuss the strategic investments of the department in my role as Deputy Head of Department. In my role as course responsible teacher I design courses that will encourage students’ learning in the best possible way. Independent of occasion, my goal is always the same, namely that education, research and collaboration at LiU should be given the best possible conditions. Do I enjoy my work you might ask – of course I do!  


PhD 2001 – Tema Barn 


Head of department, IBL 

Director of graduate studies, IBL 

Head of Division of education and sociology 







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