At Linköping University we have several strong research groups that could be interesting from the perspective of data driven cell and molecular biology.

These groups are embedded in many different fields. Some of the constellations use data-driven methods whereas some of them might be interesting primarily from a biological perspective. Potentially interesting groups include:

Cancer and development

Claudio Cantù, Genome regulation in vertebrate development
Charlotta Dabrosin, Microenvironment and breast cancer
Henrik Green, Genetics and toxicology in cancer chemotherapy and forensic sciences
Frank Hernandez, Nucleic acid probes
Stefan Koch, Cellular signaling in tissue damage, repair and cancer
Francisca Lottersberger, Genome integrity, telomere protection and chromatin mobility
Mikael Sigvardsson, Molecular regulation of lymphopoiesis and leukemia
Eleonore von Castelmur, Structural biology
Maria Sunnerhagen, Structural biology

Epigenetics, infection and inflammation

Robert Blomgran, Microbial pathogenicity in tuberculosis
Maria Jenmalm, Epigenetic regulation and microbial exposure in allergy development
Marie Larsson, Immunomodulatory effects of HIV
Maria Lerm, Tuberculosis, covid-19 and epigenetic reprogramming of immune cells
Lennart Svensson, Disease mechanisms in viral gastroenteritis
Colm Nestor, Epigenetics and T-cells
Anita Öst, Epigenetic inheritance in metabolism


Eric Augier, Animal models of alcohol use disorder and addiction
Anders Blomqvist, Inflammation and the brain
David Engblom, Inflammation and motivation
Markus Heilig, Translational psychiatry
Håkan Olausson, Affective somatosensation and pain
Marcin Szczot, Sensory detection and perception
Martin Hallbeck, Cellular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Per Hammarström, Protein misfolding
Walker Jackson, Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration
Peter Nilsson, Protein misfolding
Fredrik Elinder, Modulation of voltage-gated ion channels
Sara Liin, Endocannabinoids and fatty acids on voltage-gated potassium channels
Antonios Pantazis, Ion channel molecular physiology and role in disease
Anders Fridberger, Hearing


Wen Zhong, Multi-omics and data-driven strategies/tools for precision medicine
Nicholas Pearce, Data-driven determination of macromolecular structures
Gunnar Cedersund, Systems biology and digital twins
Mika Gustafsson, Translational bioinformatics
Daniel Simon, Organic bioelectronics
Björn Wallner, Structural biology
Susana Cristobal, Proteomics and toxicology
Björn Gerdle, Biochemical changes in chronic pain
Neil Lagali, Pathogenesis of corneal disease
Tomas Lindahl, (Boknäs, Macwan, Tunströmmer), Thrombotic diseases and antithrombotic treatment
Jörg Schilcher, Implant osseointegration; cellular, biomechanical and deep learning approaches
Anna Fahlgren, Experimental orthopedics