Anders Nordgaard

Adjungerad universitetslektor, Docent




Jonas Malmborg, Magnus Larsson, Lars Jaeger, Anders Nordgaard (2024) Transfer, persistence, contamination and background levels of inorganic gunshot residues FORENSIC CHEMISTRY, Vol. 39, Artikel 100577 Vidare till DOI
Joseph B. Kadane, Anders Nordgaard (2024) Using Bayes factors to limit forensic testimony to forensics: composite hypotheses Australian journal of forensic sciences Vidare till DOI


Christian Dahlman, Anders Nordgaard (2023) Information economics in the criminal standard of proof Law, Probability and Risk, Vol. 21, s. 137-162 Vidare till DOI
Agnieszka Martyna, Anders Nordgaard (2023) Likelihood ratio-based probabilistic classifier Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, Vol. 240, Artikel 104862 Vidare till DOI


Jonas Malmborg, Anders Nordgaard (2022) Validation of a feature-based likelihood ratio method for the SAILR software. Part II: Elemental compositional data for comparison of glass samples FORENSIC CHEMISTRY, Vol. 27, Artikel 100385 Vidare till DOI

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