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Rasmus Säfvenberg, Niklas Carlsson, Patrick Lambrix (2024) Identifying Player Roles in Ice Hockey Machine Learning and Data Mining for Sports Analytics: 10th International Workshop, MLSA 2023, Turin, Italy, September 18, 2023, Revised Selected Papers, s. 131-143 Vidare till DOI


David Hasselquist, Niklas Johansson, Niklas Carlsson (2023) Now is the Time: Scalable and Cloud-supported Audio Conferencing using End-to-End Homomorphic Encryption PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2023 CLOUD COMPUTING SECURITY WORKSHOP, CCSW 2023, s. 41-53 Vidare till DOI
David Hasselquist, Jacob Wahlman, Niklas Carlsson (2023) PET-Exchange: A Privacy Enhanced Trading Exchange using Homomorphic Encryption 2023 20TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PRIVACY, SECURITY AND TRUST, PST, s. 168-179 Vidare till DOI
Rasmus Säfvenberg, Mikael Svarén, Niklas Carlsson, Patrick Lambrix (2023) The Importance of Special Teams in Ice Hockey Proceedings of the Linköping Hockey Analytics Conference LINHAC 2023 Research Track, s. 53-65 Vidare till DOI
Minh Ha Le, Niklas Carlsson (2023) StyleID: Identity Disentanglement for Anonymizing Faces Proceedings on Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PoPETs)



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