SciLifeLab Linköping Organisation

Management group

In the management group for SciLifeLab Linköping, we work to facilitate communication between life science researchers at LiU and SciLifeLab's local units in Linköping, SciLifeLab nationally and centrally. We act as a discussion partner for LiU's leadership in matters affecting infrastructure in life sciences and monitor LiU's interests in national infrastructure, as well as make proposals to LiU's management on how LiU can develop and strengthen the research infrastructure. We spread information, make SciLifeLab visible and coordinate events, webinars, seminars and courses for researchers at LiU.

Steering group

The steering group's task includes deciding on SciLifeLab matters in Linköping, which include budget decisions and nominations. Strategies are drawn up with the aim that existing SciLifeLab units at LiU will be developed and strengthened and so that new units can start. The aim is for researchers in Linköping to be able to use SciLifeLab's full (national) potential. Furthermore, the steering group will work to ensure that new capacity areas can be developed and for DDLS to be implemented.


Representatives for the leadership at the university and faculties

Chair is Anders Fridberger and vice-chair is Nicolette Lakemond

Directors of SciLifeLab Linköping activities

AIDA Data Hub, CBCS, Clinical Genomics, NBIS and SwedNMR

Representatives from other research infrastructures in Linköping

National Supercomputer Centre, Forum Östergötland, Core Facility, Genomic Medicine Sweden, CMIV, Data-Driven Life Science

Representatives from other stakeholders in Linköping

The Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine, Region Östergötland