Welcome as co-worker and colleague

We are very happy to welcome you to Linköping University.

This page contains information for those who will soon start to work here, and those who have recently started.

The page is divided in two parts. Part 1 contains information that you must read and act on as soon as possible. Two things you must do immediately are submit a preliminary tax assessment to the Payroll Office and register your bank account number at Swedbank. This will enable us to make the first salary payment on the correct date. 

In Part 2 you get to know your new employer in greater depth. We describe what you become part of when you start to work at Linköping University.

A welcome message from Pia Rundgren, our Director of Human Resources

Part 1: You need to know this when you arrive in Sweden

There are a number of things you need to know and act on when you arrive in Sweden to work. Please read and follow these 6 steps carefully.

At the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket) you need to get a:

1. Personal identity number

You need to visit the Swedish Tax Agency in person to apply for a Swedish personal identity number. Bring your passport, residence permit card and statement of employment.

You'll find the Swedish Tax Agency at "Statens servicecenter" at:

2. Swedish ID card

When you get your Swedish personal identity number, you must apply for a Swedish ID card at the Swedish Tax Agency. Before you go there, you need to pay a fee.

Read more at the Swedish Tax Agency's website

3. "A-skattsedel"

Individuals living in Sweden are liable to pay income tax on all incomes. As soon as you get your Swedish personal identity number ask for an “A-skattsedel” (in Swedish) and give it to the Payroll Office, Building D, Campus Valla.

Home insurance and social insurance

4. Home insurance

In Sweden all individuals are strongly recommended to have a home insurance. We are not allowed to tell you which company you should use. We only list some here and you can read more on their websites:



5. Social insurance

In Sweden we have a publicly funded social insurance that will provide financial security during the different stages of life. The Swedish social insurance includes insurance and contributions to families with children, to people with a disability or illness, and to the elderly. Social insurance is financed by taxes and contributions. It is the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (Försäkringskassan) who administer the social insurance.

Read more on Försäkringskassan's website

Becoming a bank customer in Sweden

6. Open a Swedish bank account

Linköping University pays salaries using Swedbank, but you can, of course, open an account in any bank. Choose the one that suits you best. Most bank offices demand a Swedish personal identity number and a Swedish ID card. If you don't meet the requirements for getting a personal identity number, you will get a coordination number instead. You can get a coordination number by contacting your HR-partner or manager.

We have experienced that some employees have been able to open an account in banks without the Swedish personal identity number. Examples of those banks are Swedbank, Danske bank, ICA banken and Handelsbanken. You can contact them yourself to book an appointment or to get application documents. You can start this process before you start your employment.

Read more under the section "Banks and how to pay bills"

Read more about becoming a bank customer in Sweden (pdf)

Read more about opening a bank account in Sweden (pdf)

Register account number with Swedbank as soon as you have started your employment

In order to ensure that your salary (or other reimbursement) is paid into the correct account, you must, as soon as you get your LiU-id, register your account number with Swedbank. You must do this, no matter which bank you use. If this is not done, there is a risk that you will receive salary in the form of a giro form. Remember that you must personally be the account holder (or joint account holder) of the account you register.

If you don’t have or are waiting for a Swedish bank account it’s good to have a transfer to your bank account you used before you got here. You can also get your paycheck as check and once you have arranged a Swedish bank account you can go to your bank and deposit your check there. If you use your bank account in your home country contact the Payroll Office through lon@liu.se.

When you get your Swedish personal identity number, send the document, with the Swedish personal identity number to Linköping University, Payroll Office, 581 83 Linköping or you can hand it over directly to the Payroll Office in Building D, Campus Valla. Also register your bank account number at Swedbank (read instructions above) or visit a Swedbank or Sparbank office and give them the details of your bank account.

Part 2: Get to know your employer

Our history. Our story.

You are coming to a university that has decided:

"To enable individuals to take on the challanges of the day."

In this film we will hear:

But we believed strongly in our mission: to challenge the university system; to open up academia; to share knowledge; to reform research and be a natural part of society and the business sector. Working alongside our students, we gave it all we had. Problems became opportunities. Small became large. Openness to other disciplines gave our ideas the strength to reach far beyond the muddy soil beneath our feet.

Courage. Innovation. Drive.

Many years ago, when the Swedish parliament decided in the middle of the 1960s to establish a university in Linköping, we had the courage required to explore new territory and question accepted norms. We were already thinking in new pathways, driven by a curiosity that promoted new ideas and interdisciplinary collaboration. We already had the energy required to achieve new things, to translate ideas and results to true benefit. Our heritage has made us what we are today. A university that has decided to enable individuals to meet the challenges of the day must never grow complacent. We are innovators within research, education and collaboration. Together, we are LiU, and innovation is our only tradition.

Come with us inside LiU

Our position. We are innovators.

Education, research and collaboration are our three principal tasks, our core activities.

And together with our central administrative support, which aids in the daily work of the core activities in various ways, we are Linköping University. Together, we create and disseminate research results with international impact, we attract and bring to graduation high-quality students, and we contribute to societal development through knowledge for the society around us, acquired in collaboration with it.

We need you here.

This is where you come into the picture, with all your knowledge, your commitment, your curiosity and your experience, to help us keep in continuous motion, renewal and development, through which we can meet the challenges of the day. We need you here. We need your drive and everything that you bring to us – your new workplace. 

We hope that you will settle in well and enjoy your time here.

We support and inspire you

Thor Balkhed

Junior Faculty

Junior Faculty aims at representing and supporting junior postdoctoral researchers in their career and provides a platform for career support and intellectual exchange via workshops, seminars, mentorship.

Read more (link to pdf)

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