At Linköping University, we have several strong research groups that could be interesting from the perspective of data driven precision medicine and diagnostics.

These groups are embedded in many different fields. Some of the constellations use data-driven methods whereas some of them might be interesting primarily from an imaging perspective. Find potentially interesting groups below.


Gabriel Eilertsen, Machine learning within computer graphics and medical diagnosis
Håkan Gustafsson, AI, electron paramagnetic resonance
Jeroen van der Laak, Improving cancer diagnostics using machine learning techniques and large data sets in pathology.
Claes Lundström, Digital pathology, machine learning and human-computer interaction
Daren Treanor, Digital pathology
Anders Ynnerman, Medical visualization, astrophysics, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, and visual learning and communication.


Ida Blystad, Neuroradiology
Nils Dahlström, Gastroradiology
Charalampos Georgiopoulos, Neuroradiology
Bharti Kataria, Optimizing x-ray imaging procedures
Johan Kihlberg, Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging
Eva Klintström, Maxillofacial radiology, research interest in osteoporosis
Maria Kristoffersen Wiberg, Mammography
Bengt Norén, Gastroradiology
Anders Persson, Cardiovascular radiology, photon counting detector computed tomography
Mårten Sandstedt, Cardiovascular radiology
Mischa Woisetschläger, Gastroradiology

Diagnostics and Specialist Medicine

Carl-Johan Carlhäll, Cardiovascular physiology and imaging
Åsa Carlsson Tedgren, Medical radiation physics
Ebo De Munick, Cardiovascular physiology
Petter Dyverfeldt, Cardiovascular imaging, quantification of flow and motion
Tino Ebbers, Cardiovascular imaging with focus on blood flow dynamics and tissue classification, Digital twins.
Mattias Ekstedt, Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
Maria Engström, Functional brainimaging using mathematical modelling
Markus Henningsson, Cardiovascular imaging
Matts Karlsson, Applied thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, cardiovascular flow
Peter Lundberg, MR physics
Maria Magnusson, Image processing
Alexandr Malusek, Medical physics, method development
Fredrik Nyström, Risk factors for cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes
Lennart Persson, Internal medicine
Michael Sandborg, Optimizing x-ray imaging techniques in health care
Rozalyn Simon, Neuroimaging
Èva Tàmas, Ventricual function in aortic valve disease
Anders Tisell, MR physics
Marcel Warntjes, Magnetic resonance imaging


Rebecca Böhme, Affective somatosensation pain
Paul Hamilton, Mood disorders
Markus Heilig, Translational psychiatry
Laura Korhonen, Child and adolescent psychiatry
India Morrison, Neuroimaging and neurophysiology
Håkan Olausson, Affective somatosensation pain
Leah Mayo, Neurobiology of stress and emotion processing
Irene Perini, Social neuroscience and alcohol addiction

Biomedical Engineering

Magnus Borga, Biomedical image analysis
Gunnar Cedersund, Systems biology and digital twins
Anders Eklund, Medical image analysis
Johannes Johansson, Deep brain stimulation

Janne West, Body composition analysis by using magnetic resonance imaging
Karin Wårdell, Deep brain stimulation, neuronavigation, neurosurgery
Evren Özarslan, Characterizing the microstructure of complex media using magnetic resonance techniques.

Prevention, Rehabilitation and Community Medicine

Björn Gerdle, Biochemical changes in chronic pain
Joanna Kvist, Physiotherapy, diagnostics and rehabilitation

Anneli Peolsson, Neck pain rehabilitation and neck muscle structure and behavior
Carl Johan Östgren, Improving risk markers for cardiovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes.


Örjan Dahlström, Psychology
Pernilla Eliasson, Optimizing and improving treatment of tendon ruptures
Frank Hernandez, Exploring the utility of nucleases as biomarkers of disease
Emil Holmer, Disability research
Torsten Olbers, Treatment of severe obesity and metabolic disease

Mary Rudner, The neurocognitive organiz d ation and development of signed and spoken languages and memory
Jerker Rönnberg, Cognitive hearing sciences
Magnus Thordstein, Increase the understanding of imbalances of the nervous system
Hans Tropp, Treatment of scoliosis
Ulf Träff, Psychology
Susanna Walter, Gastroenterology brain-gut interaction