Martje van der Wal, Lisa Hjelmfors, Jan Mårtenson, Maria Friedrichsen, Anna Strömberg, Tiny Jaarsma

Variables Related to Communication About Prognosis Between Nurses and Patients at Heart Failure Clinics in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Ingår i Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

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Lena Näsström, Marie Louise Luttik, Ewa Idvall, Anna Strömberg

Exploring partners’ perspectives on participation in heart failure home-care: A mixed method design

Ingår i Journal of Advanced Nursing

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Leonie Klompstra, Tiny Jaarsma, Jan Mårtensson, Anna Strömberg

Exergaming Through the Eyes of Patients with Heart Failure: A Qualitative Content Analysis Study

Ingår i Games for Health Journal

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