Martje van der Wal, Lisa Hjelmfors, Jan Mårtenson, Maria Friedrichsen, Anna Strömberg, Tiny Jaarsma

Variables Related to Communication About Prognosis Between Nurses and Patients at Heart Failure Clinics in Sweden and the Netherlands

Ingår i Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

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Lars Thrysoee, Anna Strömberg, Axel Brandes, Jeroen Hendriks

Management of newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation in an outpatient clinic settingpatients perspectives and experiences

Ingår i Journal of Clinical Nursing

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Trond R. Pettersen, Jan Martensson, Asa Axelsson, Marianne Jorgensen, Anna Strömberg, David R. Thompson, Tone M. Norekval

European cardiovascular nurses and allied professionals knowledge and practical skills regarding cardiopulmonary resuscitation

Ingår i European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

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