My research interests are in educational assessment – in particular it concerns the quality, fairness, and ethics of classroom assessment and teachers grading practise.  My current research interests also include teachers’ experiences of moderating national tests and how moderation provides an arena for construction and articulation of professional knowledge.

My doctoral work focused on the use and occurrence of designations of lessons of schedules in compulsory schools without national timetable. In my earlier research I have also studied motives to become teachers, academic self-efficacy and self-determination among first-year students in the teacher education.


I work as a course supervisor and teach courses in classroom assessment within the teacher training program.  I also supervise student’s work with their bachelor and master thesis.


2001 - Master Degree in Education, 

2001- Teacher education in mathematics and science, 

2010 - Ph.D., Education   


Coordinator of Educational assessment seminars at Linköping University

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