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Annika Silvervarg, Kristen Blair, Maria Cutumisu, Agneta Gulz (2022) Assessment of students' feedback behavior in agame-based automated feedback system: A cross-cultural replication study Proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Computers in Education, s. 292-301
Betty Tarning, Eva-Maria Ternblad, Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz, Jens Nirme (2022) Lessons Learned from a Study on Distractions in Virtual Learning Environments: Reliability, Ecological Validity, and an Elusive Social Component Presence - Teleoperators and Virtual Environments, Vol. 28, s. 65-85 Vidare till DOI


Agneta Gulz, Magnus Haake (2021) Betydelsen av kritiskkonstruktiv återkoppling för elevers lärande: ett learning science-perspektiv Vetenskapsteori och forskningsmetoder i utbildningsvetenskap, s. 266-295
Annika Silvervarg, Rachel Wolf, Kristen Pilner Blair, Magnus Haake, Agneta Gulz (2021) How teachable agents influence students responses to critical constructive feedback Journal of Research on Technology in Education, Vol. 53, s. 67-88 Vidare till DOI


Agneta Gulz, Ludvig Londos, Magnus Haake (2020) Preschoolers' Understanding of a Teachable Agent-Based Game in Early Mathematics as Reflected in their Gaze Behaviors - an Experimental Study International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education, Vol. 30, s. 38-73 Vidare till DOI


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