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My Eklund Saksberg


Integrated healthcare, collaboration, leadership, organization and quality improvement, to serve the person for whom the care is intended is the common thread in my professional work. Interprofessional learning and teamwork are areas of focus for me.

Healthcare and learning

In my employment, I have three main assignments: I am a part-time doctoral student at the Unit of Health Care Analysis and the National Centre for Priority Setting in Health Care.

My research project is about priorities, organization, and leadership within municipal healthcare. I am also a lecturer at the nursing program, with responsibilities including being the assistant course coordinator for first-semester students. Within my employment, I am also the responsible teacher for one of the Interprofessional education (IPE) modules at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

The curriculum involves interprofessional learning activities on the initial, intermediate and final stages of all programs. My responsibility lies in Quality Improvement and Learning in Practice, an intermediate module, including being a representative in the working group for the National Platform for Improvement Knowledge


  • PhD student
  • Master MSc Quality Improvement



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Pier Jaarsma, Petra Gelhaus, My Eklund Saksberg (2023) Two cases of nursing older nursing home residents during COVID-19 Nursing Ethics Continue to DOI