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Academic Degrees

  • Professor in Computer Science, Linköping University, 2004.
  • PhD in Computer Science, Linköping University, 1996. Dissertation title: Studies in Action Planning: Algorithms and Complexity. Advisor:
    Christer Bäckström.
  • MSc in Computer Science, Linköpings University, 1993. Thesis title: Alternative Constructions of Reexive Scott Domains. Advisor: Karl-Johan Bäckström.


  • Professor in Computer Science, Linköping University, 2004.
  • Associate professor (Docent) in Computer Science, Linköping University, 1998.
  • Assistant professor (Lektor) in Computer Science, Linköping University, 1997.


PhD Advising

Main advisor for the following completed PhDs:

  • Biman Roy, Applications of Partial Polymorphisms in (Fine-Grained) Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems (Apr, 2020)
  • Simon Ståhlberg, Methods for Detecting Unsolvable Planning Instances Using Variable Projection (Oct, 2017)
  • Meysam Aghighi, Computational Complexity of Some Optimization Problems in Planning (Jun, 2017)
  • Victor Lagerkvist, Strong Partial Clones and the Complexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems: Limitations and Applications (Feb, 2016)
  • Hannes Uppman, On Some Combinatorial Optimization Problems: Algorithms and Complexity (May, 2015)
  • Tommy Färnqvist, Exploiting Structure in CSP-related Problems (Feb, 2013)
  • Johan Thapper, Aspects of a Constraint Optimisation Problem (Feb, 2010)
  • Fredrik Kuivinen, Algorithms and Hardness Results for Some Valued CSPs (Dec, 2009)
  • Gustav Nordh, Complexity Dichotomies for CSP-related Problems (Jun, 2007)
  • Magnus Wahlström, Algorithms, Measures, and Upper Bounds for Satisability and Related Problems (Apr, 2007)


  • Vilhelm Dahllöf, Exact Algorithms for Exact Satisability Problems (Jun, 2006)
  • Ola Angelsmark, Constructing Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction and Related Problems: Methods and Applications (Jun, 2005)
  • Mathias Broxvall, A Study in the Computational Complexity of Temporal Reasoning (Dec, 2002)

Co-advisor for the following completed PhDs:

Niklas Johansson, A Resource for Quantum Computation (Jan, 2022, Dept. of EE, Linköping University)

Currently main advisor for George Osipov.

Co-advisor for Leif Eriksson and Christoffer Hindlycke (Dept. of EE, Linköping University.)


Supervised postdocs:

  • Victor Lagerkvist (2018 - 2020)
  • Michał Wrona (2012 -2014)
  • Johannes Schmidt (2012- 2013)
  • Stefanie Kosuch (2010- 2012)
  • Rustem Takhanov (2009- 2011)





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