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Piotr Rudol




Cyrille Berger, Patrick Doherty, Piotr Rudol, Mariusz Wzorek (2023) RGS: RDF graph synchronization for collaborative robotics Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Vol. 37, Artikel 47 Vidare till DOI


Patrick Doherty, Cyrille Berger, Piotr Rudol, Mariusz Wzorek (2021) Hastily formed knowledge networks and distributed situation awareness for collaborative robotics Autonomous Intelligent Systems, Vol. 1, Artikel 16 Vidare till DOI


Piotr Rudol, Patrick Doherty (2019) Evaluation of Human Body Detection Using Deep Neural Networks with Highly Compressed Videos for UAV Search and Rescue Missions PRICAI 2019: TRENDS IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, PT III, s. 402-417 Vidare till DOI


Mariusz Wzorek, Cyrille Berger, Piotr Rudol, Patrick Doherty (2018) Deployment of Ad Hoc Network Nodes Using UAVs for Search and Rescue Missions 2018 6TH INTERNATIONAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CONGRESS (IEECON) Vidare till DOI


Piotr Rudol, Patrick Doherty (2017) Bridging Reactive and Control Architectural Layers for Cooperative Missions Using VTOL Platforms 2017 25TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (ICSENG), s. 21-32 Vidare till DOI

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