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Adel Daoud

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Adel Daoud, Fredrik D. Johansson (2024) The impact of austerity on children: Uncovering effect heterogeneity by political, economic, and family factors in low-and middle-income countries Social Science Research, Vol. 118, Artikel 102973 Vidare till DOI
Sourabh Balgi, Adel Daoud, Jose M. Peña, Geoffrey Wodtke, Jesse Zhou (2024) Deep Learning With DAGs


Adel Daoud, Felipe Jordan, Makkunda Sharma, Fredrik Johansson, Devdatt Dubhashi, Sourabh Paul, Subhashis Banerjee (2023) Using Satellite Images and Deep Learning to Measure Health and Living Standards in India Social Indicators Research, Vol. 167, s. 475-505 Vidare till DOI
Adel Daoud (2023) A theory of famines-A response Journal of International Development Vidare till DOI


Adel Daoud, Connor Jerzak, Richard Johansson (2022) Conceptualizing Treatment Leakage in Text-based Causal Inference NAACL 2022: THE 2022 CONFERENCE OF THE NORTH AMERICAN CHAPTER OF THE ASSOCIATION FOR COMPUTATIONAL LINGUISTICS: HUMAN LANGUAGE TECHNOLOGIES, s. 5638-5645