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Visualizing the Future

Center for Medical Image Science and Visualization (CMIV) is a multidisciplinary research center initiated by Linköping University, Region Östergötland and Sectra AB.

CMIV conducts focused front-line research within multidisciplinary projects providing solutions to tomorrow’s clinical issues. The mission is to develop future methods and tools for image analysis and visualization for applications within health care and medical research.

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Assessment of Cardiovascular Blood Flow Using 4D Flow MRI

Despite the primacy of flow, cardiac diagnostics still rely almost exclusively on tools focused on morphological assessment. Flow characteristics are often assumed rather than measured directly. Suitable non-invasive tools for characterizing and measuring flow dynamics are needed to push our medical effectiveness to the next level.


Imaging of Brown Adipose Tissue

Through a unique collaboration between researchers at CMIV and Sahlgrenska University Hospital the role of brown fat is unraveled. While white adipose tissue (WAT) act as energy buffer, brown adipose tissue (BAT) converts stored energy (WAT) directly into heat. The vision is to find a way to reduce obesity related health problems.


Optimized flows and IT tools for digital pathology

In digital pathology the histology samples are scanned to create digital images of the tissue, which can be analyzed on a computer screen. While the pathologist is still responsible for the evaluation and diagnosis, the digital environment is a valuable tool for image analysis to detect, measure and grade diagnostic findings.

India Morrison

The Fernström Prize to India Morrison

India receives the prize from the medical faculty at LiU

fMRI Critical Article Cause Attention in the Media

Heart flow

Aunt Minnie Highlights CMIV Project

4D flow MRI shows smallest hint of LV dysfunction

CMIV Researchers Published Article in PNAS

Softwares for fMRI yield erroneous results


Heavy Lift-off for Neurology Research

A new MRI camera is being installed at CMIV



CMIV is contributing to the scientific program at ISMRM 2016

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